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Founded in 2017, Copper Communications is an all-inclusive event management company, based in Mumbai, India that offers a hands-on approach to weddings and events; orchestrating a one of a kind curated approach to life’s most unforgettable celebrations.

Copper’s personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples, and as a family and states something about their shared values and sense of style.

Recognized for its exquisite style and lifestyle approach to weddings and events, Copper is proud to cater to a vast client base including honourable political figures, some of India’s esteemed business families and celebrities.

Copper Process

To Copper, executing a wedding to perfection goes beyond just Event Management. Each wedding is a business in whole to Copper, with clear milestones, goals, plans and non-negotiable deadlines. With an eye for the minutest details and meticulous attention to every need, Copper ends each wedding by opening doors to more families to replicate the rich experience. Hence our primary need is to nurture relationships.

The Brief

This first step is the most crucial. Understanding the client’s primary goal is putting the first mark on our drawing board. Understanding their expectations, their desires and non-verbalised dreams are what takes a competent team to understand and interpret. From here the journey begins. Putting every plan on paper, marking out each delivery expectation, assigning goals to team and charting out a clear map. The client’s challenges and obstacles, if any, are as important as their desires.

In the process, Copper ingrains themselves into their families such that Team Copper becomes an embodiment of their culture, their tastes and their preferred style.

The Run

The run up to the final line is as important as the finale. This requires meticulous planning, choosing the right vendors and all along the way, ensuring that all elements converge to a point where your culture and style gets highlighted. Copper’s experience of managing end to end luxury events across multiple countries, involving flying in guests, artists and vendors from across the globe gives them access to the right talents and the right logistics to pull off a world class event. However classy and luxury the ceremony is, each bespoke element would be an extension of you. Copper strives to make every moment bespoke and memorable.

The Platter

Once the platter is ready, the wholesome food curation, styling, taste and delivery seem to converge to one central point. Much like your wedding. The final delivery is the responsibility of Copper, while yours is to enjoy every moment of your event, leaving the chaos and management to Team Copper. From guest experience management and destinations to each ceremony and rituals execution, from production execution to managing all vendors. And of course hospitality and anything else your guests or the event may need. It all comes together in one grand string of events, unfolding in your taste and detailing the culture you represent.

Your grand finale represents Copper’s authentic ideas and flawless execution. Copper ensures that each event of your wedding is an ode to your fine taste and style.