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Curated artists. Spellbound performances.

Witness euphoria as you gape in awe when the unexpected unfolds. The most engaging immersive experience, opulent theatrics, breathtaking renditions of lost art…the trendy and the traditional, the glitzy and the classic…you name it, we have it. Copper engages with the best.

Copper offers you end to end experience, beginning with creative concepts right to execution of any art form. We have joined hands with a wide spectrum of artists to bring you the evening of your dreams.

Our show creators and peripheral artists create the ambience and set the mood of the evening. The hues perfectly blend in with the overall theme of your wedding.

Every wedding is unique. Copper curates the right music for each event, a rendition of emotions just right for your big night. Music flows as the soul of our Copper Weddings. We bring you the best talents, maestros of magic, to make the evenings memorable for a lifetime.