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Concepts. Creation. Execution.

Design concepts and creations, converting ordinary spaces into art exemplaire. From décor to couture, invites to gifting ideas, design rules every moment of an event. We deliver beauty throughout your journey; from conceptualizing to execution.

Invites – Copper creates designs for your invites basis the theme of the wedding – classy, blingy, heritage, carnival, retro or simply fashionable. Whether your invites need to be digital, animation or hard copy, we have the perfect design, layout and technology to convert your idea into reality.

Stationery – The right stationery is like an emblem of your wedding. The right stationery speaks a language of your grand event, which would remain with your guests for a long time, reminding them of the lovely experience they had. From in-room, venue, table tops to every aspect of your guest experience, we have bespoke stationery in each guest’s name, carved out beautifully with the theme of your wedding at the backdrop. A token of your love to your lovely guests.

Couture – Copper brings you couture unmatched; the beauty is unparalleled, the garment and jewellery is but an extension of your personality. We bring you design support in your wedding couture.

Décor – Your venue comes alive in a fairytale fantasy with a décor which suits your taste, the overall theme, the colour palette of your choice and a story of your culture is seen in every small detail.

Gifting – Great gifting ideas can become a key takeaway for your guests. It is a mark of the most landmark event in your life. A small token can talk a thousand words in a design which is befitting to the overall aesthetics of your wedding.