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Partnering with the best. In every facet of your event.

Alliances with the best in industry, from décor, food, invites, couture to the most luxurious hotels, travel arrangements and sight seeing for your guests. You name it, we have it. If it’s your event related, you need not look further.

Photographer and Cinematographers – Weddings are made beautiful by people who know how to capture moments for life. When moments of emotions are captured in a frame, they remain with you forever. From frame worthy stills to unforgettable Instagram moments, your wedding album isn’t just a collection of images – they are a treasure trove of priceless memories. Your videos are a reminder of the unfolding and culmination of your wonderful love story.

Trousseau Packaging – When your trousseau packaging works up wonders, you remember forever that your gifts weren’t merely some products in boxes. The love and the blessings behind every image, every video, every gift engraves the story of this journey of love.

Choreographers and Content Designers – Copper connects you with the world’s best choreographers, for a rendition of that perfect entertainment for you. Be it music, dance, some art form, these masters captivate you with their show.

Copper partners with the best in business. Round the globe…so your wedding is one big dream come true.